#129 World Tour with Resident Evil Movie Campaign

World Tour with ‘Resident Evil Movie’ Campaign

With the launch of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie, audiences get to take photos with Alice virtually, as if they are fighting with her side by side against the undead.

By creating a digital Resident Evil Environment, it is a cost effective way to allow the public to get absorbed into the movie scenario. With the advanced face tracking technology, users are tracked and cut-out to be placed into a Movie Poster next to Alice at real-time. The exciting campaign has successfully drawn crowd’s attention to the event sites worldwide, especially in Comic Con Tokyo.

‘Thank You Note’ from Sony and International Digital Team  

The touring campaign has successfully created “wow” factor and maximised the exposure of Resident Evil to the public just before the movie airs, with more than 800 photos taken over the exhibitions in Japan, Russia and Mexico.

At the end of this successful project, Sony and their international team left us a handwritten Thank You note:

“Dear Magic Mirror Team,
THANK YOU for all your hardwork on the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter digital campaign!”

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