#131 Magic Mirror is now Installed in Levi’s!

Magic Mirror is now Installed in Levi’s!

Magic Mirror has been installed in Levi’s Strauss Stores, in conjunction with the new store openings at Paris and Amsterdam in July 2017.

Magic Mirror At Levi’s Amsterdam Store Top Floor

Vintage Photo Booth – Live in Levi’s

To leave an impression of Levi’s newly designed concept store, the photobooth has been designed to showcase top selection of Levi’s vintage background images.

The happy moments captured not only left an immersive branding experience to the customers, but the social media trend has also attracted their loved ones to explore the new store.



Wear and Compare Your Look

Pick up a jeans, try it on, and snap photos to see yourself from different angles.

The intelligent photobooth places photos side by side for customers to compare their new jeans look.

The Wear & Compare function precisely shows off the perfect cutting and fitting that Levi’s Jeans have from every angle of a person.

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