#132 Swarovski’s Christmas Sparkles Event

Swarovski’s Christmas Sparkles Event

As part of the one-month Christmas events, Magic Mirror was installed in Pavilion Shopping Mall, next to the third tallest Christmas Tree in Asia – a Christmas Tree filled with thousands of sparkling Swarovski Crystals. The mirror unit was re-skin with vinyl sticker to better blend in with the Christmas theme.

Premium Photo Booth for Swarovski’s Christmas

Magic Mirror has been chosen as part of the most luxurious sparkling Christmas event, featuring  Swarovski’s 23 meters tall Christmas tree which valued at approximately RM3 million.

Win The Game & Get $50 Off

Magic Mirror was utilised as a Photo Booth and an interactive game station. The Game was redesigned with Swarovski Crystals and had successfully attracted crowd towards the booth.

Winners that scored above 80 points can get a $50 off Voucher to be redeemed in store.


1-Month Marketing Event Pays Back 80% of the Mirror’s Cost

The Magic Mirror rental from that event alone had almost cover the cost of the entire mirror and since then the photo booth company has also rented it to other major brands such as Marvel’s Avengers, Topshop, DKNY, Harper’s Bazaar , etc.

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