#136: Enhance engagement and interaction with live view mode

Enhance Engagement and Interaction with Live View


Users of Magic Mirror in shopping malls have noticed a significant increase in the engagement and interaction with the signage when it is not in use. By displaying live view, consumers are prompted to engage with the Mirror without further need of instruction for use. 


When the live view of the Magic Mirror is displayed while it is within idle mode, consumers have the sensibility and awareness that the Magic Mirror is open for use. Shopping mall owners and developers can greatly benefit from this feature as more usage of the Magic Mirror will translate to more user’s data and brand exposure for tenants, thereby increasing the effectiveness of tenants’ advertisements.




Why does it work?

1. Higher engagement rate

Users are able see themselves in the Magic Mirror from a distance without any prior engagement during the live view mode, this incite the curiosity of the consumers to approach the mirror and encouraging interaction.

2. Increase interaction

With the live view displayed during idle mode, users will be able to instantaneously use the application displayed on the Magic Mirror without the need to startup the application.

3. Low maintenance cost

Without the need of a personnel assistant to manage the Magic Mirror like most photo booth kiosks, Magic Mirror was engaging shoppers on its own thereby cutting down administrative costs.


Proven to be Highly Engaging

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