#139: Control Panel V7.1 is now Available!

Control Panel V7.1 is now available! 

Many Event Companies use the Control Panel to minimise the time, money and effort needed for managing different events. By controlling the events and apps with a single platform, you can host private parties with simple Photo Frame & Stickers, whilst also host Premium Events with specialised functions such as Fun props and Costumes by yourself.

Manage your Events (No Technical Expertise Required)

1. Upload digital content on selected App (e.g. videos, photos, photo frames, logo, etc.)
2. Schedule Event function to be played on the pre-defined time.
3. Distribute digital content remotely to mirror unit with a touch of button.

Easy Customisation & Rebranding Opportunities

The control panel allows you to create a customised experience for each of your events. For Wedding Events, a photo frame with bride and groom’s names will stand out in the wedding hall as a specially personalised Photobooth. On the other hand, having a branded photo frame for retailer’s product launch campaign can better provide immersive experience to the audiences. Therefore, control panel helps our customers to provide a more premium service to their clients with a few clicks, which are highly valued by most retailers and corporate events.


Case Study

One of our customers from France --- Filmbook has managed more than 100 Events all by themselves for the past two years since they have bought the Magic Mirror. For each event, they just switched a Photo Frame Branding, and the customised Photo Booth can host events for both private parties and high end retailers such as The Walt Disney, Bentley, Sephora etc.

Self-customised Apps using Control Panel

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