#145: ‘New Retail’ Experience: Curated & Interactive Content

‘New Retail’ Experience:

Curated & Interactive Content

Magic Mirror™ is a customer facing digital platform where retailers could showcase curated content to attract shoppers to their featured products. Each design template was designed specifically to tell a story of the product in it’s intended way.

Virtual shelf acts as an extension of the physical shelf space. Not limited by the physical shelf space in store, a wider range of product designs can be displayed in-store through Magic Mirror.

Tell Your Product Stories In Different Ways

20+ Design templates are available for retailers to choose from, addressing different types of product selling point.


For example,
Featured Product captures shoppers’ attention from 5 metres away.
Shop The Look guides shoppers to pick their outfit in style.
Bargain Bin alarms shopaholics of clearance sale.
Customer Reviews helps to promote under-rated products.

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