#143: Tenants’ Advertising in Shopping Mall

Tenants’ Advertising In Shopping Mall

Magic Mirror deployed in shopping malls is proven to be a powerful marketing tool in extending the shopping window of tenants, and driving traffic into stores. Magic Mirror in shopping mall also build upon the renting experience of the tenant, while providing an extra source of revenue stream for the shopping mall management.

Extend Your Tenants’ Shopping Window

By placing Magic Mirror units around the shopping mall, tenants will be able to expand their exposure to multiple location within the mall. Using Magic Mirror to maximise product exposures, tenants’ promotional content, new product releases will reach visitors beyond the physical store, thus increasing the possibility to reach more visitors and create their interests towards their products. Simultaneously, you can continue to generate revenue from renting out advertising space to your tenants.

Drive Traffic To Store

Shoppers that are attracted to the advertisement of the Magic Mirror and engaged with it will have a clear next course of action with the wayfinding integration to the digital signage. By incorporating wayfinding function with standard applications, Magic Mirror doubles as a wayfinding kiosk and provides your shopping malls with an additional source of directional information, which will influence the path of the shopper and convert passers-by into store visitors for your retail tenants.

Types of Tenant Advertisements


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