#142: Experiential Shopping for Customers in Stores

Experiential Shopping for Customers in Stores

The integration of Web Browser to the Virtual Dressing application provide retailers the opportunity to market their e-commerce website to shoppers in the store. With the click of a button, users will be able to go from trying on an item to browsing the product page, and making a purchase.

Engage shoppers with Virtual Dressing experience

Retail stores will be able to create a connected retail experience that brings the convenience of online shopping into the store by allowing shoppers to quickly “try-on” outfits. Once the user becomes interested in a certain item, they can view for more information by selecting the on screen icon.



Leading shoppers to the next buying stage with Web Browser

With the linkage of Virtual Dressing to Web Browser, retail stores will be able to bring their Bricks and Clicks business model to within the store. Users will be able to view in depth product information of the product they have tried on to determine if it is worth a purchase, or if it is in stock in the store.



How does it work?

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