#141 In-Store Web Browser

In-Store Web Browser

Web Browser V2.2 is now released for retailers to present their e-commerce site to shoppers in-store. With specially designed interface and user friendly features, shoppers are able to navigate across product pages easily at a touch of their fingers.

Activate With Just a URL Link

Magic Mirror comes with a ready-to-use web browser, it contains all the needed functions of product browsing, and can be activated just by adding a URL link to the first landing page on display.





QR Code Checkout on Mobile

By QR code scanning, all selected items from the shopping bag can be linked to shopper’s phone. Shoppers are able to view orders and checkout at the convenience of their phone.







Search Function

Allows shopper to search products by entering relevant keywords. Search button is accessible by shoppers at all time, shoppers can filter intended product types regardless of the web page it lands on.





Customers That Are Using Web Browser In-Store 

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