#93 Eyewear Try-On

Eyewear Virtual Try-on

Using our advanced face mapping technology, you can try on different eyewears just by standing in front of the Magic Mirror. Based on your business use case, this Virtual Try-on function can be customised in a way that helps to create a lasting in-store experience for your customers.

See which sunglasses looks best at a glance!

With the large variety of sunglasses in the market, it’s difficult to find the one with the most suitable shape and colour for your face. By trying on 9 pairs at once, customers can easily compare and find the one, or even multiple sunglasses that actually looks good on them.

Although it cannot replace the actual sunglasses experience, hopefully it will entice the casual browsers enough to have the urge to try on the real items.







Create your own Rayban poster

With the flexibility of Magic Mirror, you can transform the Virtual Try-on function into an Interactive Advertisement. Utilising the face tracking technology, customers that walk pass the mirror will be instantly attracted as the Mirror immediately zooms-in to their faces and turn them into an advertisement model. Customers can share a photo wearing their favourite sunglasses shot similar to a professional advertisement photo shoot. Not only will it create an immersive branding experience, we hope to create a personalised value of the sunglasses to customers.

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