#96 Installing at County Mall

90’s Style Virtual Dressing in
County Mall, UK

County Mall celebrated their 25th Anniversary last April, where they had a series of 90’s themed performances along with 90’s spring/summer fashion campaign. Over the weekend, 435 photos were shared, reaching out to over 57,546 audiences through social media.

Virtual Dressing Kiosk – Next, Oasis, SuperDry


In conjunction with the Spring/Summer Fashion Campaign, customers virtually try-on the latest fashion trend on the Magic Mirror. Customers tried on branded outfits including Next, Oasis, SuperDry and River Island and took photos to share with their friends.





County Mall Centre Manager’s Feedback

Centre Manager, Mark Haynes commented: “We’re THRILLED with the turnout to our 25-year anniversary celebration. A high percentage of stores joined in with the festivities, by dressing in 90’s style fashion, offering bespoke discounts, free giveaways, in-store celebrations and competitions, there was a real feeling of community spirit in the mall.We’re excited to see what the next 25 years will bring!”

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