#133 Chinese New Year Celebration at Sunway Pyramid

Chinese New Year Celebration at Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid, a mall in Malaysia has placed Magic Mirror at their main entrance since 16th January 2018. They took opportunity of this festive season to use it as a photobooth as part of their celebration.

Self Service Photo Booth – No Onsite Personnel Required

Most kiosk require a personnel to man the booth, Magic Mirror didn’t need one and was engaging shoppers on its own.  At least 1 in 10 shoppers that pass by the kiosk would stop to take a photo, as they immediately see themselves in the mirror with a simple photo taking button. Magic Mirror Photo Booth can be self operated with relatively low maintenance and operational costs.


One Photo Shared Every 2 Minutes 

Groups of couples, friends, families and staffs were taking exciting pictures to celebrate this joyous festive season.

Up to date, 8,034 photos were taken, shared or downloaded within 3 weeks. During weekends, more than 500 photos were shared each day. Among all the photos shared, 70% of the emails shared were unique, providing shopping mall with marketing incentives.









Ongoing Event Analytics

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