#140: Celebrating the Royal Wedding 2018

Celebrating the Royal Wedding 2018

From May 15th to May 31st, all visitors visiting the World Duty Free store in London Gatwick Airport can participate in the royal wedding with Magic Mirror. In honour of the matrimony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, World Duty Free worked alongside Magic Mirror to bring an immersive experience to all users, as if they were invited to the royal wedding.


Stand on the Buckingham Palace Balcony

With the photobooth application of Magic Mirror, users were able to take a picture while they are posing from the royal balcony, and share it on social media to celebrate momentous event.

Harvest user’s data

As users share the photos of them posing from the balcony, Magic Mirror will gather the email addresses and social media channels the users share to. This opens a channel for World Duty Free to keep users engaged with future marketing campaigns.





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