Providing Concierge Services for Your Shoppers

Makes your shoppers feel like a VIP every time they visit your stores, turning them into your loyal customers.

Concierge Services for Shoppers

This or That - The Outfit Comparison Tool

Magic Mirror allows shoppers to take a photo of each of the clothes they have tried and compare the photos side by side. It is a great selling tool where the sales staff has the opportunity to discuss the dresses with the shoppers, positively influences shoppers’ buying decisions.

Personalized Shopping Experience via Facial Recognition

Magic Mirror cares who your customers are. It intelligently identifies returning shoppers via facial recognition and welcome them with personal greetings. It ‘remembers’ photos that shoppers have taken previously, compile and display them side by side for shoppers to compare.

Connected Retail Experience

Creating shopping experience that meet the demand of the new digital shoppers.

Virtual Fitting Room

Stay ahead of other competitors by bringing the convenience and speed of the online shopping experience into the store. Virtual fitting allows shoppers to virtually try-on tons of outfits in less than a minutes and catch a glimpse on how these clothing fit.

Bring Social Shopping into Store

Shoppers can share their outfits comparison photos to social media platforms or email directly from Magic Mirror, getting votes for their perfect looks.





Connected retail experience

Expand and Retain Your Customer Base

Adopting a differentiated shopping experience helps shoppers to remember who you are, creating opportunities for you to further engage your shoppers.

Expand and Retain your customer base

Converting In-Store Visitors into Connected Customers

Magic Mirror changes the way your customers shop, creating an innovative in-store experience where your customers can hardly forget. This makes your brand more attractive and resulting customer retention which ultimately increase sales.

Stay Connected with Your Shoppers

As shoppers share their photos from the fitting room, Magic Mirror collect their email addresses for you to keep them engaged with your future marketing initiatives.


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