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Immersive, interactive experience: 4K display, touchscreen, AI detection, versatile software customisation.

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Interactive Kiosk™

Immersive, interactive experience: 4K display, touchscreen, AI detection, versatile software customisation.

6400 USD

  • 4k high resolution display
  • Kinect body sensor
  • Quad core CPU + Graphics card
  • Optional One-way mirror finishing
  • 55” LED touchscreen

In Stock. *Recommended Add-On: Support Contract from $420/year

What’s in the Box?
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Interactive Kiosk is a one-box solution in a vandal-resistant metal cabinet. All components and software are pre-configured and put in place. The installation is quick and easy -- plugin and it’s ready to go. It requires only a 220-240W power point socket and ideally an Ethernet socket. The mirror can also run on Wi-Fi. It can either be screwed to the wall or a freestanding mirror cabinet depending on the retailer’s requirements. The cosmetic finish and user interface are customisable to fit into the retailer’s brand image or store design. Magic Mirror is incorporated with the Kinect sensor.

Product Details

Product Dimensions

808mm (W) X 1873mm (H) X 450mm (D)

Base Plate: 810mm (L) x 450mm (W)

Product Weight

150 kg (approx.)


1 year manufacturer warranty

Country of origin

Made in the UK

Regional Availability

Global. Worldwide Shipping

PC Specifications


Intel® i5 12th Gen Processor

Operating System (OS)

Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition (or latest)

Graphic Card (GPU)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630

Memory (RAM)

16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 C16


M.2 SSD 256GB

Audio-Visual Specifications

Display Monitor

Full Ultra HD IPS LCD Display Panel

Active Display: 684.9mm x 1217.6mm (9:16)

Resolution: 3840×2160 (RGB) 4K

Luminance: 700 cd/m² for Mirror finishing; 300 cd/m2 for Glass finishing

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Facial and Body Sensor

Microsoft Kinect 2.0

  • Infrared projector and detectors
  • Real-time gesture recognition
  • Body skeleton detection up to 6 profile
  • HD color camera (1920 × 1080 px) 30fps
  • ToF depth sensor (512 × 424 px) 30fps

Touch Screen


Touch points: 10 points

Zero Pressure Touch. Support drag/ zoom.


Dual speaker


48dB Omnidirectional

Case Specifications

Key Features for Case Design

  • Built using premium heavy duty metal
  • Available in black. Allow customise with colour spray, vinyl sticker or ads board.
  • Metallic paint with matte surface finishing
  • 5mm - Toughened Tempered Glass
  • Come with secure lock and key

Internal Structure

Lightweight and Sturdy

Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

Extremely Ductile with Precise Engineering

Easy access for serviceable parts

External access port

1x 110/220v DV Power Input with switch

1x System boot up button

2x USB Type A 3.0

1x RJ45 LAN Port

1x Wi-Fi Antenna SMA Connector

Compatible Equipment

  • RFID Reader
  • Card payment
  • Barcode and QC Code Scanner
  • Photo/ Thermal/ Colour printer
  • live stream with other Interactive Mirror



  • Metal case with heavy base
  • Built-in PC
  • 4K UHD IPS Monitor
  • 55 inch Touch screen
  • Tempered mirror
  • Dual speaker
  • Facial and body gesture detection
  • Adaptive to add-on machine (payment, printer, etc)
  • Usage analytics
  • Theme customisation
  • Assets library
  • Event playlist scheduler
  • Work offline
  • Device Health check
  • Multi-language
  • Live stream with other Interactive Mirror

What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Interactive Kiosk
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 1 x Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • 1 x Base Plate
  • 8x Screw for Base Plate
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Key for Back Cover
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Safety Sheet

Stunning Design. Digital Signage with Elegance and Functionalities

Inspired by the minimal and sleek design of the iPhone, Interactive Kiosk™ is designed to better blend into any store or interior decor. Depending on the store interior, it could be a free standing mirror cabinet supported by a solid metal base plate or to be flush mounted to be part of the store furnishing, making it looks like a normal mirror in the store.

Stunning Design. Digital Signage with Elegance and Functionalities
Video Thumbnail

Demographic Analytics

Collecting visitor’s information for management team to make data-centric decisions toward product placement or store advertisement scheduling.

55” Full Touchscreen Wide Display

Responsive, interactive, and seamlessly navigated with a rapid 3 - 8m sec response time. The sleek 3mm tempered glass enhances clarity, while the high-resolution 1920 x 1080 display, paired with a brightness of 350cd/m2, delivers vibrant visuals. The one-way mirror ensures slideshows, videos, and promotional messages appear brighter, offering an exceptional viewing experience.

55” Full Touchscreen Wide Display
Kinect Body Sensor with AI Integration

Kinect Body Sensor with AI Integration

This enhanced sensor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret user body motion, enabling functions like photo capture, catalog navigation, and gaming through gestures. With AI, it identifies objects of interest, providing data like face points and body skeleton information—essential for Magic Mirror applications, highlighting the synergy of advanced technology for an enriched user experience.

Powerful Processing Unit

Magic Mirror takes full advantage of the Intel Core i3 CPU with 3.4GHz processing power to run an array of applications at once and ensure a smooth running of all applications. It also comes with NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card, accelerating system performance for rich responsive multimedia and virtual reality experience.

Powerful Processing Unit
Wayfinding and Directories

Visually Stunning Display through the One Way Mirror

Projecting multimedia content through the mirror creates a surprise factor that leaves a lasting impression to the shoppers on the promotional message you want them to see. This 3mm tempered mirror glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength to ensure additional safety.

Sleek, Sturdy, Portable

A modern solution blending elegance and durability, effortlessly portable for versatile use in any setting.

Flexible Installation Options Icon

Flexible Installation Options

Versatile for diverse installation options.

Vandal Resistant Metal Cabinet Icon

Vandal Resistant Metal Cabinet

Prevents tampering, unauthorised access

Advanced Kinect Body Sensor Icon

Advanced Kinect Body Sensor

Gesture detection, user insights, creative experiences.

Safety-Glass Reinforcement Icon

Safety-Glass Reinforcement

Enhanced safety through chemical treatments.

55” Wide Touch Screen Display Icon

55” Wide Touch
Screen Display

Interactive, immersive branding experience

Compact and Portable Design Icon

Compact and Portable Design

Compact, stylish, and portable versatility.

Interactive Hub: Elevate Every Experience

Dive into the world of kiosk interactions, seamlessly blending retail, games, AR, signage, and dynamic walls for an elevated experience.

Managing Your Events Effortlessly

Using the web-based control panel, it allows you to update digital content and schedule apps remotely from any networked location. It is designed to be user friendly so that people with no technical expertise can manage it as well.

Content Scheduler
Reports Dashboard
Daily Health Check
Design Customisations

Content Scheduler

Content Scheduler

Manage content, events, usage logs, photo gallery, and configure email and social media seamlessly.

Content Scheduler

Reports Dashboard

Reports Dashboard

Auto-generates Usage and Viewing Analytics reports, offering insightful data on user engagement and interaction.

Reports Dashboard

Daily Health Check

Daily Health Check

Device status daily health check ensures optimal functionality, with real-time monitoring and automated diagnostics for seamless performance.

Daily Health Check

Design Customisations

Design and Graphics Customisations

Unity 3D facilitates software module customization: design, rebranding, translation, configuration, testing, and implementation services included.

Design and Graphics Customisations

Advanced Customisation: 3D Multimedia Assets Rendering

We have a team of friendly multimedia designers to help you in rendering 3D multimedia assets to meet your end customer’s event requirements. T&C applied*

Optional Add-ons Accessories

Magic Mirror comes as a complete solution, and is sold as a basic package. However, it can be complemented with accessories such as a flight case, photo printer and a RFID reader.

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