Challenges and Opportunities

Photobooth is a fast growing and exciting business which can earn good money due to the increasing demands. It is getting more competitive as many people are starting up their own photobooth business in the recent years. Many photobooth companies are looking for ways to differentiate their product offerings in order to expand their customer base. Magic Mirror is able to address these challenges by offering photobooth companies competitive advantages to

Increase the rental price. As a premium photobooth with many additional features such as Flipbook, Animated GIF, Intelligent Props, Interactive Games, etc., photobooth companies are in a very good position to charge higher price per event.

Expand the business offerings. Offers clients with a wide choices of product offerings increasing the success of converting the sales lead into customers and also expanding the customer base to different industries.

Going up the value chain. Magic Mirror is a high-end photobooth, packaged with a classy casing which make it the perfect choice for the premium events such as product launch, fashion show, shopping centre festive events, etc.


Event Type No. of Events per Year Earnings per Event ($) Total ($)
Parties / Wedding Receptions
Marketing Events

Renting to Premium Marketing Events

Swarovski 1-Month Marketing Event Pays Back 80% of the Mirror’s Cost

Swarovski is hosting a marketing event during Christmas. The Magic Mirror rental from that event alone had almost cover the cost of the entire mirror and since then the photobooth company has also rented it to other major brands such as Marvel’s Avengers, Topshop, DKNY, Harper’s Bazaar , etc.

15 Lexus Roadshow Around the Country

Revel Concepts, a creative agency has been supplying Magic Mirror to Lexus, the luxury vehicles company for their nationwide roadshows. The earnings from the roadshows are far more beyond the cost of the mirror which has reached more than five times of what they have invested in Magic Mirror.

Renting to Private Parties and Corporate Functions

Filmbook: The Star Attraction in Parisian Parties

Magic Mirror is getting very positive responses from the guests and has proven to be a star attraction in the parties in Paris; Maison d’Influence Christmas Party, Strategies GrandPrix Party, UEFA Euro 2016 Opening Party, etc.

300+ Photos Printed Per Night for Unique Visual

With Animated GIF, Flipbook and Mood Teller (exclusive to Magic Mirror), Unique Visual can attract more than 300 guests to print their photos every night in almost every event.

115 Wedding Receptions Per Year for Wunderbooth

As a photobooth company who specializes in wedding receptions, Wunderbooth has been using Magic Mirror to create a high class and memorable experiences for many wedding couples.

Franchise Model

Magic Mirror has been receiving hundreds of sales and rental requests from wedding couples, shopping centres, event companies, retailers, etc. in each region every year. We are not an event company so if you own a Magic Mirror, we will pass our sales leads in the region to you. So apart from the mirror and software functions, you are actually buying the business opportunities to increase your revenue and profits from the diversified customer base.