A Sleek and Minimalist Digital Kiosk

Magic Mirror 24™ is an all-in-one solution, packaged with all the required components in a vandal-resistant metal cabinet.

A Sleek and Minimalist Designed Mirror Cabinet

Ready to Plug-and-Play

Once transported to the site, it’s ready to go. Everything is securely screwed within the cabinet. No technical person required onsite.


Multi-touch with NFC scanner

Easy to navigate with touch-sensitive screen.


Safety Glass

Magic Mirror 24™ glass has been processed by controlled chemical treatments to increase its strength, ensuring the additional safety of the mirror.


Powerful Processing Unit

Accelerated system performance for rich responsive multimedia and 3D showcases store merchandises.

Digital Kiosk for Retailers

This brochure highlights the key use cases of Magic Mirror digital kiosk at retail stores and how it can leverage the store shopping experience.

Brochure of Wayfinding Kiosk

This brochure highlights the key selling points of Magic Mirror wayfinding kiosk at shopping malls, office, hospitals & etc.

Built-in Analytic Sensors

Magic Mirror 24™ is equipped with the following components to run various apps and execute core functions such as play video, take photo, browse catalogue etc.

Ico DSLR Camera

Proximity Sensor Camera

Detects users’ facial expressions.

Ico Window Operating System

Windows Operating System

To run our in-house software on long lasting, reliable and flexible system.

Ico Full HD Display

Full HD Display

A high resolution screen display showing the screen user interface, video, etc.

Ico NFC Reader

NFC Reader

A highly sensitive card reader to scan credit card or e-wallet.

Ico Response Visual Unit

Response Visual Unit

Comes with integrated Graphic Card, ensuring a smooth running of all apps.

Ico Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Provide interactive communication with Magic Mirror 24™ such as entering email to sign-up as member, etc.

Powerful Processing Unit

Magic Mirror Mini
Display Unit 24″ Full HD Display Monitor
Dimensions (LxWxH) 42cm x 6cm x 71cm (16.4″ x 3.1″ x 28″)
Card Reader NFC Contactless Card Reader
Processing Unit Intel Core i3 with Intel HD Graphics
GPU 128GB Solid State Drive
Operating System Windows 10 System
Connectivity Wi-Fi / Ethernet or Cellular
Power Voltages 100 – 220V
Mounting Type Vesa 100
Download Datasheet (564KB)

Magic Mirror Pricing

We can work alongside your appointed agency on screen designs and store fixtures. Ultimately, we will work to deliver a solution that is suited to your business needs.

Digital Kiosk System in

Plug-and-play Magic Mirror 24” digital kiosks.
All hardware comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Inclusive of lifetime Magic Mirror OS™ software licensing
Web-based control panel for CMS and analytics.
Customization service will be provided at one-off project costs.